Paddington Lace can assist clients with guidance on appropriate pattern selection; and subsequently quote for the supply and installation of high quality, sand cast, reproduction balustrades and friezes.


The lacework is manufactured by a Sydney based foundry who have specialised in manufacturing this product for many years and with whom we have a close work association.

The non-ferrous reproduction metalwork is virtually visually indistinguishable from the original cast iron itself, as the moulds used in its manufacture have been taken from actual original cast iron elements. As such, the sand cast “lace” provides excellent authenticity; and this is especially apparent when compared with a thin, cheap looking, less authentic, die cast product.

In certain circumstances, lacework may also be duplicated by casting from another balustrade panel or frieze sample (if obtainable). This may be beneficial in situations where a particular pattern is perhaps uncommon, unique, unavailable etc, or is required to complete a damaged or missing section or entire row of existing lace.

The ornate “lace” is supplied in a highly durable, cost effective, powder coated paint finish; which is available in a wide array of colours and several sheen finishes. The powdercoating process eliminates the costs associated with on-site, in situ priming and painting; is very consistent in uniformity of coverage, and also minimises installation and overall project completion time. In addition, if need be, the lacework can also be supplied in a non powder coat finish (or “wet spray”) in virtually any colour.

It is also particularly important to note that all balustrades are specifically designed to comply with the current Building Code of Australia requirement of a legal minimum height of not less than 1 metre.